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Best Brands of Outdoor Grills

Best brands of outdoor gas grills for your patio project in Northern Virginia. When building an outdoor kitchen for your patio, you may want to consider installing a grill. The barbecue grill is the quintessential focus point of your outdoor kitchen here in Northern Virginia. Fairfax Contractor utilizes gas grills for their patio kitchen projects. You might ask what the best outdoor gas grill is. First off, you may want to consider building into your outdoor kitchen a freestanding gas grill. This is certainly not the best option, the best option is a built-in outdoor grill. Outdoor gas grills and two different variances, propane gas and natural gas. Finding a brand-name gas grill built in can be a challenge. Box stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s do not offer off-the-shelf, built-in gas grills. This is the subject of this page: What are the best brands of outdoor gas grills? Some of the best gas grills incorporate many options you might want to consider when purchasing a grill for your outdoor patio or deck. Some options for the best outdoor gas grills include rotisserie, lighting, side burners, and infrared heating. Adding a side burner gives cooks the option of cooking up side dishes and sauces right next to your grill. As mentioned earlier, a rotisserie system provides automatic rotation of meat on your gas grill. Having low-voltage lighting or high-voltage lighting near your gas grill is certainly helpful when grilling at night. Infrared gas grills use natural gas or propane to achieve a higher heat that will sear your meat perfectly. If you choose to utilize a built-in propane grill, you may want to install a specialized door under the grill to contain your propane tank. For more information about built-in gas grills in your outdoor patio kitchen, check this link.

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What Are The Best Brands Of Outdoor Gas Grills

What are the best brands of outdoor gas grills for your outdoor kitchen? We think Coyote brand gas grills are a good option. Coyote is a great brand for outdoor grills. One of the most popular types of grills is the C- series 28-inch tube burner built-in propane grill. This grill is affordable and can be easily installed in your outdoor kitchen. To buy a better Coyote grill, consider the S- series 36-inch four-burner that includes a rapid sear infrared burner and the always useful rotisserie. A little more money than the basic Coyote brand grill, this barbecue grill is a nice upgrade from the mid- class C- series 28 grill. KitchenAid manufactures some very nice built-in grill products, including their affordable KitchenAid four burner built-in propane gas grill. This KitchenAid grill can be converted to natural gas if you so desire. This entry-level KitchenAid grill features ceramic infrared searing burners and the coveted rotisserie option.

KitchenAid offers a wide ready of outstanding built-in grills for your Northern Virginia outdoor kitchen. This is a stainless steel unit that will stand up for quite some time, and we have installed quite a few of the KitchenAid brand outdoor barbecue grill systems without a problem. The third manufacturer of outdoor gas grills suited for an outdoor kitchen includes Cal Flame built-in gas BBQ grills. If you are looking for a top-of-the-line brand-name group of grills, look no farther than Cal Flame. Fairfax Contractor has had rave reviews over the Cal Flame built-in outdoor grilling systems for outdoor kitchens. Cal Flame grills come in the G series, which include a five burner grill, four burner grill, and three burners built-in grill. There are other grill brands out there that can be used in an outdoor kitchen, but we have had pretty good luck with the three main brands we recommend, including Coyote, KitchenAid, and of course, Cal Flame. We will include links to these outstanding manufacturers’ brand-name grills so you can decide for yourself.

KitchenAid Brand Outdoor  Gas Grills

kitchenaid gas-grillKitchenAid brand outdoor gas grills are a great choice for an outdoor kitchen. KitchenAid is a name-brand outdoor grill that brings a lot of value to your outdoor kitchen project. KitchenAid offers island grills that will certainly complement your outdoor kitchen. These KitchenAid grills are designed to fit into an outdoor kitchen. KitchenAid built-in grills can operate off of both propane gas and natural gas. KitchenAid is known for its premium brand name. KitchenAid offers a four-burner built-in propane stainless steel searing option that will work for any outdoor kitchen project. KitchenAid offers a 10-year warranty and, in the opinion of Fairfax  Contractor thinks this may be a great choice for your outdoor kitchen grill. KitchenAid grills will add value to your outdoor kitchen, and we believe this product is something that you might want to consider purchasing for a unique built-in outdoor kitchen grill. For more information, check the link to buy a KitchenAid outdoor gas grill.

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