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Exterior Drainage Solution Wet Basement Northern Virginia


digging out a basement with an excavator for waterproofing in northern VirginiaExterior drainage solution wet basement In Northern Virginia. One of the time-tested methods to stop water infiltration into your basement is to excavate the perimeter of your home’s basement foundation and repair the problem from the outside. Call Fairfax Contractor at 703-725-7945 for a free estimate to fix your basement for good! This is unquestionably the most expensive methodology to stop water from entering your basement. If you have tried to solve a wet basement problem by installing interior remedies to your damp basement, it comes a time that you may consider fixing the problem from the outside. Fairfax Contractor can excavate around your Northern Virginia home’s basement, coat the exterior walls of your basement with Portland cement, and apply a waterproof foundation sealant. These sealants are typically asphalt based and can be applied by hand rolling or spraying the product to your basement foundation walls. After these sealants have been applied to your Northern Virginia home’s basement walls, we typically install a waterproof foundation membrane. This permanent waterproof barrier will ensure your basement foundation walls will never leak. Once our exterior waterproofing procedure has been applied to your foundation walls, we will install new foundation drain tiles. Typically, we will utilize perforated pipes that are wrapped with filter fabric so that they will not fill with the settlement. Once the waterproofing procedure is complete, we will backfill the excavated area around your home.

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Planning A Exterior Waterproofing Project


Fairfax Contractor can design and implement an exterior waterproof project with professional results. After we evaluate why your basement is wet and flooding, we may recommend excavation and repair of your basement foundation walls. Working with structural engineers or our expert recommendations we may conclude that the only way to fix your basements foundation problem is from the outside. We will give you a free consultation, recommendations, and a written proposal to solve your exterior wet basement foundation problems. If you decide to have Fairfax Contractor fix your exterior drainage solution wet basement in Northern Virginia, our first step will be to write out a detailed contract for your evaluation. If you act on this contract, we will go to work on fixing your exterior drainage problem. The first step is to call Miss utilities of Virginia to make sure that in our excavation process, we do not cut any utilities at your home. Proper OSHA standards will be utilized to support the excavation as prescribed by the department of occupation and regulation for contractors in Northern Virginia. Once the area that needs to be repaired has been excavated. We will thoroughly clean the foundation walls of any dirt and sediment. Once your foundation walls have been prepared, we will apply a coating of 50% sand and 50% Portland cement to your basement foundation walls to assure that there are no cracks or crevices where water could infiltrate into your basement. Once the parging has hydrated, we will apply a waterproofing/damp proofing coating to the freshly parged basement walls. The next step in assuring your basement wall will not leak again is to apply a waterproof membrane. The final step is to backfill the excavation and clean up the project. For more information on how to repair a wet basement in Northern Virginia, click this link