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Flooded Basement Water Remediation Northern Virginia

Flooded Basement Water Remediation Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. What happens when your Northern Virginia basement floods? A great idea would be to call Fairfax Contractor, who has the have the personnel to come in and quickly remediate any basement flooding that has occurred at your home. The first step is to try to remove all household belongings from the affected area and placed them securely in your garage if possible. If your basement is submerged in more than 1 inch of water and you have carpeting,  the carpeting should be removed along with the padding. We will now implement depending on the depth of the water sump pumps and/or shop vacuums to remove any standing water. If the water has soaked the drywall in your basement, we will cut away any damp drywall and insulation and remove it from the job site. Then we will set up dehumidifiers and box fans to dry out the remaining moisture in your basement. We will examine your carpeting, see if we can remove any water, and try to salvage carpets and household belongings. Most homeowners insurance does not cover groundwater infiltration into your basement. Still, if a broken pipe has flooded your basement, you should have us contact your insurance company so that we can work with your insurance adjuster to file a claim. Most basements flood because of a problem in the foundation walls, or you may not have an adequate sump pump system in your home. Once the humidity levels have been brought into a normal range, we will try to find the cause of the flooding problem, the water could be coming through window wells, cracks in your foundation walls, or groundwater simply seeping in between your basement concrete slab and foundation walls. Whatever the problem is, Fairfax contractors can fix just about any scenario that would cause water infiltration into your basement. The key point here is that if your basement floods, time is of the essence. The longer you wait to try to remediate the water in your basement, the worse the problem will become. Call us at  703-725-7945, we can come out quickly and help you put things right. For more information about Fairfax Contractor’s waterproofing process, click this link.

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