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What is Wrought Iron?

Wrought Iron Welding

Wrought Iron is low carbon steel (less than .08 Carbon) and is called worked iron.   Wrought Iron was historically used for many applications before steel was invented. Unlike cast iron,  wrought iron can be fabricated without breaking when bending into a railing. Wrought Iron has been used for hundreds of years in the western world. Wrought Iron is smelted using the bloomeries method using iron ore with a small amount of carbon.  Cast iron or Pig iron has more carbon than wrought Iron. Wrought iron started to be used as opposed to bronze in Asia in the 2nd century, Wrought Iron was used to create tools and weapons. Today wrought iron is primarily used to fabricate guard rails, fences, handrails, and oriental ironwork.  Wrought Iron was first manufactured in the United States in Virginia in about the 1500s near the James River.

Modern Uses Of Wrought Iron

Wrought Iron is smelted and used to produce residual and commercial tubing, molded caps, and punch rail. This wrought Iron is easily fabricated into a strong safety guard rail for retaining walls, egress walkouts, handrail, and guard railing.

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