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Types Of Gravel For Construction

Types Of Gravel For Construction for various construction projects. Gravel has been used for thousands of years in construction projects. In today’s world, gravel is used in producing concrete. Typically, concrete comprises #57 gravel mixed with Portland cement, concrete sand, and water. But beyond that, gravel is often used for paving projects such as driveways, French drain systems, and foundations. Gravel comes in many sizes that are used for different applications in construction. Gravel dust, better known as crusher run or stone dust, is typically gravel less than 1/4 inch in size. Stone dust is typically used for Northern patio foundation installation for concrete pavers #5. Number five gravel usually includes gravel that is last than 1/2 an inch. Crushed gravel #8 is typically used for asphalt installations. Another type of gravel is called pea gavel. We use pea gravel for landscaping projects and creating concrete for exposed aggregate concrete. Pea gravel is a multiply colored round type of gravel that can be used in oh so many construction projects. Other gravel we utilize is #7 which is used to fill on permeable paver projects. The most popular gravel used in construction is unquestionably number 57#. Number #57 gravel is the most common gravel you will see. This gravel is typically produced to a size of approximately three-quarters of an inch. It is used on French drain systems, gravel driveways, and bases of new home construction basement slabs. For the biggest gravel typically used in construction or heavy traffic driveways, we recommend #3 gravel because its size ranges between two and 3 inches. This will stabilize any new construction driveway or an existing gravel driveway for heavy traffic.

Number #57 Gravel Is The  Base For Many Improvement Projects

Number #57 Gravel can be an incredible base for a concrete driveway or walkway. It stabilizes the ground to produce a concrete or walkway project for your Northern Virginia home. This number # 57 gravel is often used in creating foundations for basements, garages, and new home construction. There are a few quarries in Northern Virginia that produce #57 stone for local use.

Decorative Gravel
Pea gravel, skip Jack gravel, and river rock is decorative gravel. We can utilize decorative gravel to produce an incredible hardscape project.

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