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Thin Stone Types Northern Virginia

thin stone northern Virginia

Thin stone types Northern Virginia. Many types of thin stone can be used in masonry construction. The most common is thin stone. This stone is approximately an inch and 1/2 inch to 2 inches in thickness. It comes in a variety of colors that can be used for all aspects of both retaining wall projects and patio projects in Northern Virginia. This slideshow will showcase some of the most popular thin stone types we utilize. Then the stone is a more economical product for producing breathtaking hardscape projects. Typically when Fairfax Contractor constructs a stone-faced retaining wall, we will use the thin stone for the face of the wall. When building an outdoor fireplace, seating wall thin stone, stair risers, or thin stone fire pits, this is the gallery you need to look at to pick the perfect thin stone types in Northern Virginia. Most of the thin stone we utilize comes from the Carolina’s, a metamorphic type of stone. The embodiment of the stone face of thin stone creates outstanding results for its price point. This stone will give you that country club look on the exterior of your home, retaining wall, or patio features. Frequently we utilize the thin stone to build incredible outdoor patio kitchens. Call Fairfax Contractor to set an appointment to view these stone samples at a local stone yard at 703-725-7945. Or, to make things much easier for you, utilize this gallery of thin stone types to choose the perfect color, type, and style for your thin stone application.

Installing Thin Stone For Your Patio Or Retaining Wall Project

Fairfax Contractor uses thin stone to build many of its outdoor landscaping features. We design-build home stone vernier. We use thin stone on our patio seating walls, fireplaces,  pillars, and fire pits. Typically thin stone is installed with a rich mixture of Portland cement and sand. The base for most of these projects is the cinder block which is built into the foundation of the feature. Once the cinder block is laid, we veneer it with your choice of thin stone. Utilizing this Portland cement and sand creates one of the strongest cement bonds to hold the thin stone onto the block. The joints range from three-quarters of an inch to 1 inch and are typically sponge finished or raked with a masonry jointer.

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