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Swimming Pool Repair Contractor Northern Virginia

swimming pool repair contractor northern virginia

Swimming Pool Repair Contractor Northern Virginia. Is Fairfax Contractor. Fairfax Contractor is your go-to contractor to repair broken brick copping or tile on your swimming pool. We also can paint your Northern Virginia swimming pool. If you are installing a new pool, we are experts in installing concrete swimming pool decks if your swimming pool needs to be re-plastered, we are experienced in this type of pool repair. Other swimming pool repairs include re-doing and fixing self-leveling caulk control joints. Matching and repairing broken swimming pool tiles are one of this contractor’s strong talents. Fairfax Contractor is a DPOR VA Licensed contractor with a class A contractor license. We also have workman compensation insurance and general liability insurance.  If you are looking for a company that can handle your swimming pool problems, you have come to the right place.

Painting A Swimming Pool In Northern Virginia

painting swimming pool northern virginiaPainting a swimming pool in Northern Virginia requires expert skills that Fairfax Contractor possesses. The first step in repainting or painting a swimming pool is to drain the pool. We utilize trash pumps that can drain your pool in an hour or more for a larger swimming pool. Once the pool is evacuated from the water, we will take some pumps to drain the remaining water at the deepest point in your swimming pool. The next step in painting a swimming pool is to evaluate the plastering. If the plastering has been compromised, we will remove any loose plaster attached to the Gunite of your swimming pool. Any contractor must inspect the plaster before painting a swimming pool. If the plaster is loose and is painted over, you will have a problem in the next year when most of the or some of the plaster become loose from your swimming pool. After evaluating the plaster and making sure that any failing plaster is fixed, we can go on to the next area of our swimming pool repair process. When you’re swimming pool is completely drained, we will power wash either your previously painted swimming pool or paint your new pool for the first time. If your swimming pool has been previously painted, it will be necessary to determine the type of paint that was used originally to paint your pool. This is easily done by testing the paint with xylene. If we test your painted swimming pool paint type with xylene, we will find out if the paint used was water-based or oil-based. You never want to paint a swimming pool that has been painted with water-based paint with oil-based paint. If you paint your swimming pool with the wrong paint, it will delaminate from the original paint. When the correct paint is water-based swimming pool paint or oil-based paint, we can move on to do a professional paint job on your Northern Virginia swimming pool. If your swimming pool has never been painted, we can show you the best types of swimming pool paint that is available! If your swimming pool is never painted, after removing the water, we will thoroughly power wash the plaster of your pool and then thoroughly acid wash it so that the paint will stick to the plaster. Fairfax Contractor is a painting contractor.

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Plaster Your Swimming Pool In Northern Virginia

Plastering a pool is easy Plaster Your Swimming Pool In Northern Virginia if you understand the basics. To plaster pool, Fairfax Contractor has a talented staff. After your pool is been power washed and drained. Fairfax contractor will use a mix of white Portland cement and marble dust to restore any swimming pool in Northern Virginia.  Fairfax Contractor mixes white Portland cement and marble dust to create a perfect parched surface under the swimming pool. Will rub your pool down with the white marble dust and white Portland cement to a smooth finish.

Replacing Self Leveling Caulk Joints In Your Swimming Pool

Replacing self-leveling caulk joints in your swimming pool is one of Fairfax contractor specialties. Your pool concrete slab that interjects your pool should be installed with a self-leveling caulk joint to ensure the longevity of your swimming pool deck. We could easily remove the old self-leveling caulk and install new caulking. Some of the inexperienced contractors will recommend filling in the self-leveling dock with mortar. Don’t ever fall for that line. Keep your swimming pool deck stable with a self-leveling caulk. If you need to have your Northern Virginia swimming pool caulked professionally, where your contractor. It’s easy to remove self-leveling caulk. When the old self-leveling caulk has been removed, install a backing rod. A backing Rod is a round Styrofoam product that will relieve any structural compromise to your swimming pool. Then we will install a self-leveling caulk to seal the joint. It’s easy to remove old self-leveling caulk because of its flexibility. Once the old caulking has been removed and baccarat is installed. We can easily re and caulk your swimming pool with various caulking colors. We perform these services in Northern Virginia.