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mud shower bathroom contractor northern virginiaShower Mud Pan Bathroom Contractor Northern Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. While a lot of people in Northern Virginia are looking to remodel their bathroom, and frequently, this includes a new shower pan. A mud pan shower base makes a lot of sense because we can design your bathroom shower in any size you want. There are not a lot of contractors in Northern Virginia that I can properly build a mud pan shower base. Here at Fairfax Contractor, we have a long history of building hundreds of mud pan shower bases. I never remember when one of our code-compliant shower mud pan bases failed. We have the code-compliant methodology to build any size mud pan shower base for your upcoming bathroom remodeling project. You can trust Fairfax Contractor because we are a licensed Virginia contractor with the class A license and Workmen’s Compensation on all our talented bathroom remodeling specialists. As a company, we are based on a strong background in masonry construction. With that backbone, we can truly install a mud pan shower base in your bathroom. For more information about our bathroom remodeling contractor in Northern Virginia, click this link.

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Shower Mud Pan Bathroom Contractor Northern Virginia

Mud Pan Shower Base For Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Why A mud pan shower base for your Northern Virginia bathroom remodeling Project? The main reason to install a mud pan shower base in your bathroom is versatility. If you are in the mindset of remodeling your bathroom by removing your bathtub and installing a shower, you will be hard-pressed to find a shower base that is built of a composite or plastic shower pan. Many older Americans are looking to install a shower where there is an existing bathtub in the bathroom. The reason for this is that Northern Virginia residents are getting older. There are a lot of slip and fall accidents trying to get into a bathtub. Utilizing a mud pan shower pan, Fairfax Contractor is your local contractor that can do just that, make a safe bathroom. Some of our shower mud pan designs are utilized in handicap bathrooms. The handicap bathroom allows you to enter a shower in your wheelchair without negotiating a shower threshold.

How To Build A Mud Pan Shower Base

How to build a mud pan shower base for your upcoming bathroom remodeling project in Northern Virginia. To build a mud pan shower base, the first step is to remove your existing shower base or bathtub. Once that demolition is completed, we will form up your newly designed shower base. The amazing thing about building a custom shower is when utilizing a mud pan shower base, the design possibilities are unlimited. We will form up your mud pan shower base in the location of your new bathroom remodeling job. When you decide where your new shower is to be located, we will start by installing a rubber bladder that has been installed around your shower drain. This rubber bladder will be installed 8 inches above the base of your shower and wrap the threshold of your shower base. Dreamland makes an incredibly sturdy rubber shower base, but other manufacturers produce amazing shower pan rubber shower base material. Once your shower base has a top-of-the-line rubber bladder installed, we will need to water test the bladder to make sure that your shower does not leak. Once your mud pan shower base rubber bladder is waterproofed and verified, we will go to the next step. The next step is to mix a 50-50 blend of Portland cement and find masonry sand laid over your shower base rubber bladder. This process requires experts so that the grading of your shower base leads to the drain. Once the cement shower pan has been created, we can lay tile on the surface.

Fairfax Contractor Can Repair Mud Pan Leaking Shower Pans

Fairfax contractor can repair mud pan leaking shower pans. Either a worn-out mud pan shower base that has failed over the years or you are experiencing leaks, we can help. Sometimes these bathroom shower pans were never installed correctly. Here you go to the contractor that can repair this common bathroom shower pan. To repair a mud pan shower base, we will have to remove the pain itself. Look at the P-trap that was installed in your mud pan shower base to make sure that it’s not leaking. Other causes of bathroom shower pan failures relate to improper installation.