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Pebblecast Northern VirginiaPebbledash Contractor is Fairfax Contractor. Pebbledash is the process of applying small aggregate onto vertical surfaces. This unique process can create a distinct appearance for your residential or commercial property in Northern Virginia. Pebbledash is also known as roughcasting. As a pebbledash contractor, we can give you excellent results utilizing our unique process. To start off with, we will install Durock as the base for the process. Once we have installed the Durock, we will then parge the surface with Portland cement and then broadcast various types of aggregate to create a pebbledash finish. Once the Portland cement and aggregate have cured, we will carefully wash off any residue to leave an amazing finish. Pebble dashing is a decorative gravel finish applied to a render coat on buildings. Pebbledash can cover up block work and give a stunning finish to cover a commercial building or your Northern Virginia home. If you’re looking to patch or repair a small area, we can easily provide an efficient solution. However, if the repair area is larger with cracks appearing on the structure, we recommend an efficient retrofit that will last many years. 

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