Manassas Home Improvement Contractor

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Manassas Home Improvement Contractor

Manassas home improvement contractor is in fact Fairfax Contractor. Fairfax Contractor is actually based of Old town Manassas Virginia. We are a construction company that is licensed by the Virginia DPOR with a class A contractor’s license endorsed with a RBC residential building contractor, and CBC commercial building contractor license. We are insured for your protection, and have the ability produce outstanding, code compliant construction projects. Fairfax Contractor can pull building permits for a wide variety of both residential and commercial building projects in the City of Manassas, Manassas Park and all of Prince William County. Our company is a design build company that has a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and has been featured on many social platforms with a five-star rating. Our estimates are always free, along with her design expertise. We operate a ornamental wrought iron welding shop located on Gary road in Manassas. Your hometown contractor in Manassas specializes in Masonry construction; we install patios, concrete driveways, and retaining wall systems. If you’re looking for a contractor in Manassas, for various contracting services, we are here to help you. As a general contractor that designs and builds projects such as building decks, screen rooms, and all types of carpentry work. We also remodel kitchens and bathrooms in the Manassas area.There are many contractors located in this city of Manassas, but Fairfax Contractor has the ability to install and repair small and large home improvement and commercial building projects.

Patio Contractor Manassas Virginia


We are your contractor when it comes to building a patio in Manassas Virginia. We design and build both flagstone, brick, and travertine paver patios in all areas of Manassas. Our design team, incorporate your patio lighting, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and many upgrades that will make your patio the talk of your neighborhood.

Services Fairfax Contractor Performs In Manassas, Virginia

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Fairfax Contractor is an expert in repairing basement foundation. We also are company that has always been involved n many types of masonry projects, such as flagstone patios, walkways, concrete driveways, and retaining wall systems. Based in old town Manassas, we also install a wide variety of both interior and exterior drainage systems. In Manassas we offer thermal window replacement, siding and roofing replacement.

Manassas Drainage Contractor

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Fairfax Contractor installs and can solve many exterior and interior drainage problems you maybe having in your Manassas home. We are a contractor that installs interior sump pumps, and interior french drainage systems to keep your basement bone dry. Fairfax Contractor also installs exterior drainage projects such as French drains, lot grading, and extend drain pipes for your gutters.

Wrought Iron Railing Manassas

Fairfax Contractor can custom fabricate all types of ornamental ironwork projects. These wrought iron projects include wrought iron exterior guardrails for your stairs, guardrails for your egress walkout, and custom residential and commercial wrought iron and rail handrail systems. We operate a mobile wrought-iron repair, for rusted wrought iron guardrails that are in need of repair. Our work is guaranteed, and our estimates are free. Not only can we design and install exterior ornament wrought iron projects, we also install interior wrought iron stair rail systems.

Commercial Contractor Manassas VA

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Are you looking for a general contracting company that can build out a wide variety of design-build commercial projects we offer free consultations on any upcoming projects you may need for your local Manassas business?

Manassas Retaining Wall Contractor

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Fairfax Contractor can build all types of retaining walls for your Manassas home. These retaining wall systems include structural retaining walls, landscaping, garden walls, and critical structures. We have the ability to pull the permits on the wall over 3 feet to terrorists your Manassas home. Perhaps you have a failing retaining wall. that need to be replaced, with you soon, design, engineer, and install any type of stone, brick, pressure-treated wood, our segment block retaining wall system.

Were We Work In Manassas VA

Fairfax Contractor installs of ready construction projects in all parts of Manassas, including old town Manassas, Manassas Park, Lake Manassas, and all of the areas of, Prince William County, that have a Manassas, mailing address.