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I Beam and H Beam

I beam and h beam what is the differenceI Beam And H Beam, what is the difference? What is the difference between a steel I beam and an H beam?  A steel H  has wider flanges than I beam. A I beam has tapered edges.  The difference between the steel H and I beams is the flange per band ratio. The H beam tends to be heavier than the I beam, which is why Fairfax contractors claim it is better than the I beam. We feel this is subjective because the H beam is generally heavier. I beam, and H  beams are commonly used by Fairfax Contractors to support removing load-bearing walls. These beams are available in various standard sizes and selected based on the applied load for the required application. Steel I beams are used both as support beams and as columns for deflecting cinder block walls.

How Fairfax Contractor Uses I beams And H Beams

Fairfax Contractor uses I and H beams to support removing load-bearing walls in your Northern Virginia home. If you want to remove a load-bearing wall, we may need to utilize either an I beam or H to support the load. H beam and I beam nomenclature that the engineer designing a project will typically be called out in the beam sizing. For example, a W-10-40 beam would be 10 inches in height and 40 pounds per foot. Many homes in Northern Virginia have failing reinforcement in the basement because the beam was not installed correctly. Most Virginia homes have an H beam or I beam in the center of the basement to support the load of your home. Especially prefab home construction does not utilize an I beam or H beam to sufficiently carry the load of your home. You may find this out when floors deflect, or you start seeing cracked drywall. These are the telltale signs that your home is not structurally supported. Fairfax Contractor has relationships with licensed Virginia PE professional engineers that can design to reinforce your home. An engineer must evaluate such projects. Other uses of I beam and H beam reinforce cinder block failing basement walls. Give us a call, our estimates are free. We are your I beam and H beam contractor in Northern Virginia.

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