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Fairfax Contractor reviews are important when choosing a contractor. Fairfax Contractor has some great reviews, Read what homeowners have to say about the remodeling work they had done at there Northern Virginia Homes. These are not fake reviews, but reviews put up on social media. Some of the best ways to check out a contractor are to see actual reviews written by our customers. These reviews come from Google, Yelp, Home Advisor, and Angie’s List.

These are what Fairfax Contractor customers had to say though Yelp.

5 Star Rating The patio looks great! Needed work on our egress walkout due to some flooding issues and get a brick patio. My husband contacted Glenn and he came out to assess the ‘situation’ the next day. Gave my husband the plan -explained it very clearly- and a quote and a couple days later, Glenn, Santos and his guys came out and started. They worked quickly and efficiently. Everything was done in a timely manner. Glenn was on top of it and made sure everything went according to plan. My husband loved how he made sure our driveway and lawn weren’t ruined during the whole process. He also loved how he made sure the sprinklers didn’t get broken. Hubby loved how he’s extremely thorough. Definitely doesn’t hurt that the costs are competitive. Hubby and I love the new patio, they did an awesome job! We won’t hesitate to call them again for future projects.

5 Star Rating Everyone I dealt with in the Fairfax Contractor firm was a pleasure, from the guys that came to give me an estimate to the guys (Victor, Michael, and Carlos) who did the work.  I had, had my townhouse backyard hardscaped 10 years ago and it had started to deteriorate and become a little unmanageable  They restored it to its original beauty and then some. They are working on an estimate to rebuild my deck and will be happy to work with them again! star rating

5 Star Rating We met with Glen on Friday, July 7th to get a concrete walkway and patio to our egress walkout in the back of our house. Glen was very personable and did a great job of explaining exactly what would be done and his high expectations for the product. Glen even drew a picture of his idea so we could really visualize it. I am a visual person and appreciated this greatly. I got the sense from Glen that he takes a lot of pride in his business and wants his customers to have the same product he would expect for himself. I sent Glen a couple of emails between Friday (July 7) and Wednesday (July 12) trying to find out exactly when they were coming but didn’t hear back right away. He did end up getting back to me on Thursday (July 13) and apologized for the absence of communication. He said “I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you. I don’t have an excuse and I apologize.” I really respected his honesty and his willingness to take responsibility. When you’re running a business and things get busy sometimes things fall through the cracks. I know this and was very impressed that he owned up to it. This is the way to run a business! 🙂 The guys came out on Thursday, July 13th to begin to frame out the walkway/patio. When my husband noticed that the part where the walkway meets the driveway did not look exactly like we had talked about I called Glen and he assured me that he would speak to his guys and get it done. The next morning, Glen came out personally to make sure everything was what we wanted.
Our backyard has a steep slope so Glen told us they were going to add some steps in to make it safe to walk on. This is something I never would have thought of but I love how conscious he is about safety. I really appreciate that Glen likes to make things look good but his ultimate goal is safety. It was going to rain on Friday so they decided to come back the next day and pour the concrete. They did a BEAUTIFUL job! We love our walkway & patio What I really loved about working with Glen is his honesty, work ethic and dedication to his customers. I felt very comfortable with him and trusted him instantly. I knew that he wouldn’t cut corners and would make sure we got out money’s worth. I absolutely recommend Fairfax Contractor to anyone that is looking to get work done on their home.

5 Star Rating Amazing customer service! I highly recommend Fairfax Contractors. Glenn & team will do whatever it takes to get the job done right and make his customers happy.

5 Star Rating I would definitely recommend Fairfax Contractor based on the positive experience we just had. Glen was very responsive, accommodating and happy to work within our schedule. The work itself – carpentry and brickwork to repair damage to an exterior garage wall – was completed carefully, professionally and on time. The work was solid and the customer service was excellent.

5 Star Rating  I called Fairfax Contractor on a Thursday when my window well was backed up. Glen showed up in one hour and quickly put me at ease. We shook hands on a price, chatted for a while and he left but not before saying he would call to let me know when he could complete the job. He called me that Saturday and said that he and his guys would be there Sunday morning! They were a nice group of hard-working guys. They did an excellent job and even cleaned up after themselves! I highly recommend Glen and Fairfax Contractor! I am extremely pleased with the job they did!

5 Star Rating I got bids from two contractors to repair the joints in our flagstone patio. Fairfax Contractor was not only the best price and reasonable, but they delivered as promised and on time. The repair included power washing our entire patio and they did a great job. In addition, there was an expansion seam in the patio that needed repair that they did at no additional charge even though it was not in the contract. The very personable salesperson (Mike) and the owner (Glen). They also warrant their work for a year.  I highly recommend them.

5 Star Rating Glen Izett and his team from Fairfax Contractor are great.  Glen was very prompt in response to our request for an estimate to undertake a fairly complicated foundation wall reinforcement project in our single-family home in McLean.  In addition to the installation of several vertical re-enforcing metal bars, the project required the temporary removal of HAC ducting, installation of a significant amount of blocking into the overhead joists, and installation of a very large, specially fabricated angle iron for transfer of forces from the re-enforced cinder block wall into the overhead floor structure.  sides being complicated, the project needed to be completed within the shortest possible time.  Glen was careful not to overpromise on the finish date but repeatedly found ways to speed up the project.  His crew actually worked until 3:00 am one night to make sure the project was ready for final inspection when scheduled, several days before the promised completion date. Not only was the work completed exactly as designed by our structural engineer and well ahead of schedule but the work area was cleaned up perfectly.  The project required cutting into cinder block which inherently generated a large amount of dust but the workmen left almost no trace of dust anywhere in the house.  Glen insisted on painting the finished wall (not required by the contract) because he said he wanted the project to “look good when finished.” I heartily recommend Glen Izett and Fairfax Contractor for any major construction project, large or small.  You will not be disappointed.

5 Star Rating Prompt response, a pleasure to deal with from the start.   Repairs were done quickly and actually sooner than expected.  Cristina was a pleasure to work with as well, answering all my questions and then some.  Quality work was done, professional, and thorough.

5 Star Rating We had a drain in front of our driveway which collapsed. I was looking for someone to do masonry and ironwork on the drain covers. Others who looked at the work wanted to cut a whole new drain. Glen looked at it and knew exactly what I wanted. He was very responsive, his colleague was great and Glen came by to make sure everything was done as we had discussed. The grate was cleaned and fixed up and the drain was reinforced. All was done just as I asked and within my budget.

Fairfax Contractor Google Reviews

These are some of the reviews from Google about Fairfax Contractor. Google reviews will tell you about customers’ experiences they found when dealing with a company. 61 reviews on Google Tell a story about Fairfax contractors dealing with customers and their stories.

5 Star review Google  Did some basement waterproofing and replaced my roof with a high-quality shingle. These guys are great! Honest prices, great employees, and quality work.

5 Star review Google Love our new patio! We needed work on our egress walkout due to some flooding issues and to get a brick patio. My husband contacted Glenn and he responded quickly and came the very next day to do an assessment and give us a quote. A couple of days later, Glenn, Santos and his guys came started working. They worked fast and efficiently. Glenn was on top of it the whole time and also gave us updates. Their costs are competitive which is definitely a plus. They did an awesome job! We won’t hesitate to call them again for future projects.

5 Star review Google Fairfax Contractors Manassas Va. replaced a concrete slab and repaired all slate pavers and steps in our pool area. They were very professional and did an outstanding job on time. After the job was completed Glen followed up to ensure we were satisfied. I highly recommend them.
Joe Madden
Vienna Va.

5 Star review Google Fairfax Contractors A couple of months ago we hired a Fairfax contractor to replace the front and back steps. Once the job started Scott did a great job coordinating the work. On the final day, Scott and Victor did a great job installing the railing to complete the project. We’re happy with our decision, the job looks good.

5 Star review Google

I had a great experience working with them in dealing with basement water seepage that I discovered while prepping for Hurricane Florence. Ram explained the different options and his crew handled the unexpected job of replacing my basement door on top of the planned project. Vincent and Bulldog handled the epoxy project and provided insight into what I might need to do in the future. Also, the work was quite reasonably priced. Thanks, Fairfax Contractor!!
5 Star review Google We were extremely pleased and impressed with the waterproofing work done by Jaime and Jose from FairfaxContractors. They really take pride in what they do and went they extra mile at every step. I highly recommend them if you have any basement waterproofing needs, they really know what they are doing and are so easy to work with.
5 Star review Google Glen took the time to drive out of his way to my farm that most contractors refused to do because of distance. He took the time to explain in detail the work that needed to be done calling me every day to keep me up to date on the delivery of materials and time frame of work. His son Glen Jr. was also tremendous at communicating and getting things organized. In this day and age, I find this a rarity. Even though he was extremely busy he made time for me and my project. Glen’s crew worked hard long hours and did a fantastic job. I will definitely use him in the future and will refer my friends and family to him.
5 Star review Google Last year we had Fairfax Contractors created a patio under our deck where there was only dirt. The project transformed our backyard into a place to be enjoyed. While the workers were here I asked for an estimate on creating a porch that expanded across the front of our house where there had only been a small stoop. They removed the sidewalk that ran from the porch to the driveway, then they poured concrete widening the walkway, and adding some design curves. In addition, they removed our old asphalt driveway and poured a beautiful new concrete driveway. Many of our neighbors have complimented on the transformation and beautiful curb appeal Fairfax Contractors have created for us.
Our journey began with Marc the estimator. He was easy to talk to and was accessible when I needed to discuss something about the project with him. The Construction Leaders were Leno and Luis who directed our construction project. These two men, and the men who worked for them, were wonderful to us. Unfortunately, I don’t know all of the men’s names who worked on our 50 yrs. old home to make it look almost like new. They all worked long, hard hours on our big project to make it happen in a timely fashion. To them, we are truly grateful! They went above and beyond to please us. They were gracious in listening to my suggestions to make possible changes. In addition, the men removed and transplanted some bushes that needed to be moved. Both in our back yard project, and our front yard project, Fairfax Contractors met and exceeded expectations about how any project should turn out. We would recommend them highly to anyone who is looking for a top-notch, experienced contractor. Looking forward to working with them on the interior of our house!
5 Star review Google Love our new patio! We needed work on our egress walkout due to some flooding issues and get a brick patio. My husband contacted Glenn and he responded quickly and came the very next day to do an assessment and give us a quote. A couple of days later, Glenn, Santos, and his guys came started working. They worked fast and efficiently. Glenn was on top of it the whole time and also gave us updates. Their costs are competitive which is definitely a plus. They did an awesome job! We won’t hesitate to call them again for future projects.

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