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Commercial Epoxy Injection Northern Virginia

epoxy-injection Washington monumentCommercial epoxy injection Northern Virginia can be accomplished by a local contractor named Fairfax Contractor. In August 2011 Northern Virginia and Washington DC was affected by a magnitude 5.8 earthquake. This earthquake damaged the foundation and structures of many buildings in the area. Severe damage was caused at many of our nations treasures including the capital building, national Cathedral, Washington Monument, and many other structures in our area. Fairfax Contractor is a licensed and insured contractor that specializes in commercial epoxy injection repair. For more information on epoxy injection see our epoxy injection page

Types Of Commercial Epoxy Injection Jobs

Fairfax Contractor can repair many different types of commercial concrete problems with epoxy injection. These problems include cracked concrete deck slabs, columns and beams. We can also repair spalled concrete utilizing our time test epoxy injection installations. We also can repair commercial concrete foundation walls located in parking garages, apartment complexes, and any industrial buildings. Our expert team can work with local structural engineers to come up with a viable plan and solution to repair just about any failing concrete structure. Most often repairing failing concrete structures can be fixed utilizing industrial strength epoxy injection.