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Bollard Contractor, Northern Virginia, is Fairfax Contractor. Bollards are important protection to manage damage to your commercial building. Bollards are needed to keep vehicles, workers, and pedestrians secure in your commercial areas. Different bollards and barriers are available to meet different application requirements that impact on your commercial property. Fairfax Contractor installs custom bollards in your Northern Virginia commercial business. Fairfax contractor is a commercial concrete contractor that installs bollards.

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How Fairfax Contractor Installs Bollards In Northern Virginia

How Fairfax Contractor Installs Bollards In Northern Virginia. Installing bollards takes a contractor that has the experience to get the job done right. The first step in installation is to lay out the location for the bollard placement. Fairfax Contractor will call miss utilities to make sure we don’t cut any utilities. Then we will paint out the location of the bollards per your plans. Next after we have marked the ground at the exact center point we will start excavation. The diameter of the hole should be the diameter of the bollard plus 6 inches and it should be 18" to 24 inches deep. When Fairfax Contractor has exuviated to the proper depth we will install the bollard. The bollard should be the right kind of steel. Different types of bollards are available to meet application for your unique application.   We use 3” to 10” schedule 80 steel tubing for most of our commercial applications. The footing for your bollard will be set in 3000 psi concrete, and the steel tubing will be filled with the same concrete. After repairing the cut in the asphalt or concrete cut we will finish the area around the bollard. The final step is to paint the bollard with yellow paint.

Removable Bollards Fairfax Contractor

Removable bollards Fairfax Contractor installs include a wide verity of brands. These removable bollards can serve a wide range of insulation applications. Removable bollards can quickly be removed, allowing access to an area on your commercial property. The embedment sleeve has a hinged lid that is flush when closed and secures with a simple lock when the bollard is in place. Give Fairfax contractor a call if you are looking for a Removable bollard at 703-725-7945.