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Ashburn Patio Contractor Virginia

ashburn patio contractor virginiaAshburn patio contractor Virginia is Fairfax Contractor. Many contractors build patios in Ashburn, Virginia, but we believe we are the best. As a DPOR class A contractor licensed by Loudoun County, we can get the necessary permits to build just about any type of patio project you may be considering. Fairfax Contractor has hundreds of reviews showing you that we can design and install a patio for your Ashburn, VA home. Our NOVA patio contracting company has installed hundreds of patios in Ashburn, Virginia. We are happy to say that Fairfax Contractor has an A + rating with the Better Business Bureau and an A rating with Angie’s list. All workers are covered with Workman’s Comp. insurance to protect you and your Ashburn home. We also hold general liability insurance, which stacks up to the fact that we are your go-to patio contractor in Ashburn, Virginia. Just a few decades ago, Ashburn, Virginia, was just farmland, and as Ashburn became developed, our presence became infamous for building incredible patio projects. For more information on Fairfax Contractor Northern Virginia Patio Projects, Click This Link.

What Types Of Patios We Build In Ashburn Virginia

What types of patios rebuilding Ashburn, Virginia, we install and build flagstone patios, Paver patios, travertine marble patios, and brick patio projects. When you reach out to your local patio contractor in Ashburn, you will get top-flight service, expert information, and a free quotation. If you decide to have us build an Ashburn patio contractor Virginia patio, we guarantee you will be pleased. With 44 years of experience as a patio contractor, I can assure you will find your best value if you deal with Fairfax Contractor. In addition to building fantastic Ashburn patios, we can add a deck to complete your patio project.

Flagstone Patio Contractor Ashburn Virginia

Ashburn flagstone patio vaFor years we have installed beautiful flagstone patios in Ashburn, Virginia. Fairfax contractor utilizes both irregular and square-cut flagstone in our patio projects. If you’re considering installing a flagstone patio, there are some things that you need to know. Most of the homes in Ashburn will require a stone staircase to enter your patio. We will need engineered drawings to construct a stone staircase from your home to your patio. We will pull the permits necessary to construct the stairs to your Ashburn patio. One of our most popular designs for a flagstone patio in Ashburn, Virginia, includes Pennsylvania variegated square cut or irregular flagstone to complete the project. Almost always, we build our flagstone patios in Ashburn on a concrete base. For more information on Fairfax Contractor flagstone projects, click this link.

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Paver Patio Contractor Ashburn Virginia

Ashburn paver patio vaAre you looking for a contractor to design and build a Paver patio in your Ashburn home? Well, you have come to the right place. Fairfax Contractor can design and build incredible Paver patios in your Ashburn home. We offer all of the major brands of concrete pavers, including EP Henry interlocking pavers, Nicolock concrete pavers, and Techo-Bloc pavers, to build your Ashburn patio project. We utilize all the manufacturer’s recommended installation guidelines to build you a patio that will stand up to the test of time. For more information on the technical and standard practices of installing a Paver patio in Ashburn, Northern Virginia, click this link.

Options For Your Ashburn Virginia Patio Project

There are many options to build your patio in Ashburn, Virginia. These include building an outdoor fireplace, seating walls, fire pits, and outdoor lighting. Fairfax Contractor has been building an incredible patio in Ashburn, VA, for years. Other options include building a staircase from your home to your Ashburn patio. We are a licensed contractor that permits you to make your Ashburn patio code compliant. One of the most asked about patio options is an outdoor kitchen; Fairfax Contractor can design and build all types of outdoor kitchen projects in Ashburn. Simple patio kitchens include a built-in gas grill for your expert patio. But if you want to go all the way and build an incredible outdoor kitchen, you may want to include a refrigerator, side burners for your grill, and even a wine cooler.