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Arlington County Virginia retaining wall contractorArlington Virginia retaining wall contractor is Fairfax Contractor. Fairfax Contractor is licensed by the State of Virginia with class A contractors license. We also hold an Arlington business license which will allow us to pull permits to build rickety walls in Arlington County, VA. Retaining walls less than 3 feet tall does not require a building permit. Fairfax Contractor can construct larger walls which will need a building permit to be Arlington County development system. We have engineers that can develop plans that will allow us to pull the necessary building permits for your Arlington County retaining wall system that exceeds 3 feet. For more information on retaining wall construction in Northern Virginia, click this link.

Types Of Retaining Walls We Build In Arlington Va

Fairfax Contractor can build various retaining wall projects in Arlington, Virginia. They include poured concrete retaining walls, cinder block retaining walls, pressure-treated wood retaining walls, sentimental concrete block retaining walls, and stone retaining walls.

Building Permit For Retaining Walls Over 3 Feet Arlington VA

Building permit For Retaining walls Over 3 Feet Arlington VA will require a permit. Fairfax Contractor has engineers on staff to produce plans for the submission of a retaining wall is over 3 feet. Once we have drawn up plans for your new retaining wall project, we will submit it to Arlington County building officials to produce the permit for building any type of retaining wall over 3 feet. Typically Arlington County requires an engineer stamp on these types of retaining walls that exceed 3 feet in height. Once we have acquired the necessary permits to build a new retaining wall, we will call miss utilities to mark the area for excavation of the footing. When we have the footing of your retaining wall dugout and all the necessary rebar placed according to your engineered plans, we will obtain an inspection for this proportion of the project. After we have received a pass on the footing of the retaining wall, Fairfax Contractor will start either setting up forms or laying the block for your retaining wall. If you decide to go on a segmental retaining wall project, we will prepare the necessary crushed stone footing for inspection. After we have either poured your retaining wall or blocked up your retaining wall, we will be at the next Arlington inspection. After two passes inspection, we need to install a backfill inspection. Backfill inspection on a retaining wall exceeding 3 feet requires a drainage system. The drainage system typically requires 12 inches of #57 gravel, a perforated four-inch pipe wrapped in fabric nylon. If you’re building your retaining wall out of cinderblock, the cinder block will be parched with Portland cement. Drainage tubes will be connected to the four-inch pipe behind the candy wall, and 1 1/2-inch outlet pipes will be placed 8 feet on center. When building a segmental retaining wall system and Arlington, we will have to not only install a drinking system but stabilize the soil behind the retaining wall. Once the drainage and stabilization have been completed, we will call the Arlington building division for a backfill inspection. Once the retaining wall has had a pass on the backfill proportion of the permit, we will then proceed to complete your retaining wall. Finishing the retaining wall will include a guardrail system. Fairfax Contractor operates a welding division where we can build code-compliant wrought iron guardrails that will be necessary to finalize your retaining wall project. Once everything is finished, we will call the Arlington County building division to get a final inspection of your newly built retaining wall.

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