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Annandale Virginia Contractor

Ananndale Virginia ContractorAnnandale Virginia Contractor is Fairfax Contractor. Fairfax Contractor has worked in Annandale Virginia for many years. As a Class A DPOR contractor we can install a wide range of home improvement projects. If you currently live in the Annandale area, east or west of 495 Fairfax Contractor is one of the most recognized and rated contractor. Many of the homes in Annandale Virginia need some sort of home remodeling project completed. Our specialties include custom patios, decks, wrought iron railing systems, masonry repairs, egress windows, and all types of interior or exterior drainage solutions. Annandale contractor can install commercial  construction projects. Fairfax Contractor holds a CBC DPOR which give us the ability to pull a commercial building permits.  Fairfax Contractor is a general contractor in the Annandale area of Northern Virginia. We have remodeled three restaurants, the Woori America Bank headquarters, and many other commercial projects. We enjoy working with the Korean community as a general contractor to improve your Annandale home. We have staff that speaks Korean, so we can clearly draw up contracts, and perform home remodeling projects. We are Of course a fully licensed general contractor, all workers are covered by our Workmen’s Compensation insurance. And we hold $2 million worth of general liability insurance. So if your construction project is in need of the general contractor in Annandale, Fairfax, Contractor is your best bet in finding a contractor.

Wrought Iron Railing Repair And Fabrication Annandale

If you are looking for a welding contractor in Annandale Virginia that can fabricate all types of ornamental iron railings for your front stoop, egress walkout, or even a retaining wall.  As a class A contractor, we not only fabricate interior and exterior railing projects, we can also repair rusted wrought-iron rails that may be failing at your home. With our welding shop located in the Northern Virginia area we can serve Annandale for any welding service. With our trained crew that operates our mobile repair service we can accommodate any problems you may be expressing. We have the ability to sandblast, repair, and paint your existing wrought iron rails in your Annandale home. For more information click this link for a contractor that can fabricat wrought iron rails in Annandale VA.

Custom Patio And Walkway Contractor Annandale VA

interlocking paver patio annandale virginia
If you are searching for a Annandale contractor that can build a custom patio or walkway for your Annandale home, Fairfax Contractor might be what you’re looking for. We excel in building custom flagstone, brick, travertine, and concrete patios and walkways. Call us today for a free design consultation, that can convert your backyard into an adult playground. Not only can we custom design and install patios, we can also install low-voltage lighting, seating walls, fire pits, and even a custom outdoor fireplace. Annandale Virginia contractor can also pull the necessary permits to construct a outdoor patio stair step system, that is code compliant. For more information on building a patio in Annandale Northern Virginia click this link

Annandale Virginia Handy Man Services

Annandale handyman services performed by Fairfax Contractor have a wide range of services. Fairfax Contractor can repair drywall, do all types of interior painting, and exterior painting. In addition we work with homeowners to replace interior doors, and all types of carpentry you may require. As a general contractor serving Annandale VA we also can repair failing wood decks, and perform structural wood repairs.



Annandale Masonry Repair Contractor

Masonry repair

Annandale Virginia Contractor is Fairfax Contractor.If you’re Annandale Virginia homes patio or walkway has become cracked, and missing joints we are the experts in repairing and restoring your patio or walkway to its original condition. Most often we will cut out all of the weathered joints, and replace the mortar to match the original condition. After power washing, and/or acid washing your walk way or patio, we can return it to its original condition. If you are looking for a great mason in Annandale Virginia call us for a free estimate.

Annandale Retaining Wall Contractor


annandale VA retaining wallAnnandale  retaining wall contractor is Fairfax contractor. We can replace your existing failing retaining wall. Fairfax Contractor can build and repair all types of retaining walls in Annandale Virginia. We build pressure-treated wood retaining walls, segmental block retaining walls, and stone retaining walls. As a class A contractor we can pull the necessary permits for any retaining wall over 3 feet in height. Not only does Fairfax Contractor build code compliant retaining walls, we can also repair failing retaining walls. Some of the common Annandale retaining wall problems include egress walkout wall failure, and old deflecting retaining walls. We also build new retaining walls that can divert water away from your home, and walls that will increase the grading of your topography in your backyard. Give the experts at Fairfax Contractor a call at 703-725-7945 for a free consultation on a new or failing retaining wall in Annandale Virginia. For more information about building a retaining wall click this link.


Ananndale Virginia Concrete Driveway Contractor

Ananndale Virginia concrete driveway contractor is Fairfax Contractor. Some of the older homes in
Annandale Virginia have failing concrete driveways. We are the premier concrete driveway contractor in Annandale Virginia. Fairfax Contractor will make your drive way project simple from start to finish. Contact us to have a one of our representative come to your home and give you a free estimate to replace your concrete driveway. For more information on replacing your driveway click this link.