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Alexandria Virginia Home Improvement Contractor is Fairfax contractor. We are a class A licensed contractor that performs both residential and commercial  contracting projects in the city of Alexandria. Dealing with the city of Alexandria, can sometimes be difficult to secure a building permit. Because of the fact Alexandria, Virginia is located in a historical area, sometimes projects need to be reviewed Alexandria’s historical review committee. City of Alexandria has there are code compliance review board. If you live in old town Alexandria, or have a business in the city, it is important to make sure that the historical division of Alexandria approved your project before is constructed. We are your Alexandria general contractor servicing the city of Alexandria for 44 years.

Construction Projects Types We Install in Alexandria, VA

Fairfax Contractor is a class A general contractor licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia to perform residential and commercial building contracting. We can work with the city of Alexandria to pull a wide variety of permits to perform all types of construction projects. Fairfax contractor’s specialties include and are not limited to the following: custom wrought iron railing, fabrication, foundation repair, gutters, and all types of remodeling work. In addition, we can tuck point historical brickwork in the city of Alexandria. We can also pull permits to build retaining walls, patios, and foundation repair. Our company can perform all types of waterproofing systems, including both interior and exterior drainage.

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Fairfax Contractor Provides Services in Alexandria Virginia

Fairfax Contractor is a home improvement contractor that works within many of the subdivisions of Alexandria City including old town Alexandria, Franconia, Fort Hunt, Belle Haven, Del Ray, Kingstown, Del Ray, and Rose Hill, Lower Alexandria. Virginia