Thin Stone

There are 3 main types of stone to construct a feature for your patio project. For many years building stone was commonly used to construct outdoor patio custom features. Building stone is typically 4 inches in thickness and has to be hand cut, piece by piece. It is also the most expensive option when veneering your patio’s, seating walls, fire place, bar or outdoor kitchen. The 2nd choice is cultured stone products, which are manufactured using colored concrete to emulate natural stone. When constructing custom features for your patio project we utilize what is known as thin stone. Most of the thin stone used is imported from the Carolina’s. This area produces some of the best metamorphic natural stone products. These thin stones, are quarried and ultimately distributed in a wide range of both colors, luster, and style. Below take a look at our Thin Stone Gallery to see the most commonly used thin stone to create custom features for your patio.


Installing Thin Stone For Your Patio Or Retaining Wall Project

Fairfax Contractor constructs many of their outdoor landscaping features such as patio seating walls, fireplaces,  pillars, and retaining walls. Typically thin stone is installed with a rich mixture of Portland cement and sand. The base for most of these projects is cinder block which is built into the foundation of the feature, once the cinder block is laid, we then cover it, or veneer it with your choice of thin stone. Utilizing this Portland cement and sand creates one of the strongest cement bonds to hold  the thin stone onto the block. The joints range from three quarters of an inch to 1 inch and are typically sponge finished, or raked with a masonry jointer.