Northern Virginia Contractor That Can Fix Homes For A Quick Sale

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Northern Virginia Contractor That Can Fix Homes For A Quick Sale

Northern Virginia Contractor That Can Fix Homes For A Quick Sale. You may be looking for a contractor in Northern Virginia to get your home ready for sale. Fairfax Contractor is a local firm that can help you make repairs, finish details on home inspection reports, and even legalize unpermitted work. If you have an inherited a house and want to sell it, or just want to sell your existing home Fairfax Contractor can help you. We work with a variety of real estate professionals, and homeowners to get their home ready for sale. As a class A licensed contractor in the state of Virginia we specialize in helping both real estate agents, and homeowners to repair a wide variety of problems you may be experiencing in your listing, that need attention. We offer solid advice on many different problems, repairs and deficiencies that are often found in a home inspection report. Call us today at 703-725-7945 for a free evaluation. We have helped many homeowners and real estate agents to get these inspection reports cleaned up so that you can get to the closing table as soon as possible.

Services Fairfax Contractor Offers To Get Your For Home Ready For Sale

The owner of Fairfax Contractor was a past Virginia real estate agent and has helped many real estate agents get homes ready to sell and to the closing table. We offer a wide range of services that can help you and your client accomplish repairs and modifications to maximize the sale price of the home. These repairs include basement waterproofing and foundation repair work. There is nothing worse than finding in an inspection report that your current listing has foundation or a wet basement to stop the sale. We can quickly evaluate the problem, if necessary bring in proper structural engineers, and execute a fix to these types of problems. In addition, we offer handyman repairs, such as drywall repair, painting, door replacement, and just about any other type of home remodeling project. We operate a wrought-iron fabrication shop where we can quickly repair loose railing at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Fairfax Contractor has a strong masonry background so that tuckpointing brick walls, chimneys, retaining walls, patios, walkways, is well within our abilities. We have worked with many other local real estate firms, and have a strong background in repairing the types of problems that are often encountered on home inspection reports. In addition, we can perform landscaping cleanup, to get the outside of your house looking great. We have the ability to bring in licensed electricians, and plumbers to rectify any outstanding problems. Most every homeowner is going to require a licensed professional to correct problems on a home inspection report, with our credentials; we can finish the work, and write up a report and receipt with a one-year warranty. This will assure the buyers that the problems have been properly corrected, necessary permits have been pulled, and they’re safe to proceed with buying the house. We also offer a one-year warranty that is transferable to the new owners.

Correcting Unpermitted Remodeling Work

One of the big problems in today’s world is when you try to sell a home with remodeling work that was never permitted or never final you have a big problem that can stop the sale of the house.As a licensed class A contractor with an (RBC) Residential Building Contractor endorsement we have the ability to research past remodeling projects and bring them up to current code. We have worked in the municipalities of Alexandria City, Fairfax County, Arlington County, Prince William County, and Loudoun County Virginia. We know the inner workings of the permitting process and are able to find out if a permit was ever pulled, and if it was it find out if it was ever had a final inspection. The first step would be to run the deck structure through the local zoning department to make sure the deck If for example the current or previous owner built a deck and it was never permitted and it may be a zoning violation, and clearly not a legal structure. We can go down to the county pull a new permit, check with the zoning department and meet with the inspector, find out what deficiencies there are, and oftentimes turn this illegal deck into a code compliant legal structure. This same process holds true with, unpermitted retaining walls, bathrooms, basements, kitchens, and many other home-improvement projects. Sometimes it’s just as simple as the permit was never finalized, to reopen the permit and call in for a final inspection. Without doing the due diligence and research we will not know how to remedy unpermitted work without knowing the facts.

Real Estate Value Cleanups

If you have recently inherited a house, there are a number of things you need to consider when preparing to sell the home. Working with a realtor and contractor is a great place to start. There may be items that value but you have no place in your current home to store them. Fairfax Contractor can list valuable items on Craigslist and sell them for you. Real Estate agents will typically make suggestions on how to prepare the home for sale. Fairfax Contractor can provide the services to help prepare Northern Virginia Home For Sale.