Fairfax Contractor License And Insurance

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Fairfax Contractor License And Insurance

Fairfax Contractor License And Insurance is available for your inspection here on this page. When choosing a contractor you only absolutely sure they are properly licensed and insured as a contractor. In Northern Virginia, the DPOR,  Virginia Department of Occupational And Regulation controls all licensed contractors in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Fairfax Contractor is licensed as a class A  Contractor Endorsed with RBC (Residential Building Contractor) CBC (Commercial Building Contractor)  our license expires in July 31, 2020 .We are also insured for your protection by Erie  general liability insurance expires February 02 2019  and Workers compensation insurance issued through BIA  expires September 23 2018.  These certificates are shown here sure you that we have the proper credentials to do Commercial Building and Residential Building Contracting work in Virginia.


Fairfax Contractor License And Insurance Certificates

If you want to find a remodeling contractor, make sure that the contractor is licensed and insured. Dealing with a licensed contractor from the state of Virginia will make sure that this company has the credentials to perform remodeling work on your Northern Virginia home. Fairfax Contractor has decades of experience and knowledge to perform a wide variety of remodeling projects. We thoroughly understand all of the codes related to residential and commercial building in the state of Virginia.